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Ferrari Opens Up Just Down The Road

portland ferrariLake Oswego Ferrari and Maserati enthusiasts rejoice as stunning Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo opens just a couple exits South in Wilsonville.

It is truly a groundbreaking event and this gorgeous building is architecturally a masterpiece.  This Ron Tonkin dealership is an official Ferrari dealer and one of the oldest.

enso ferrariFrom their Ferrari site:

The motivation then, as it remains now, was love. Heritage can’t be bought. It can’t be borrowed, given, or acquired through any other means other than endurance. We are America’s oldest Ferrari dealership. Founded by love and guided by the love for the greatest cars ever made.

lake oswego ferrariThey have a state of the art service department and are open for business.  We had the occasion to go after one of the Portland Cars and Coffee events (in Lake Oswego, BTW) on a Saturday this summer and the building alone is breathtaking.

lake oswego ferrarisThe cars here of course speak for themselves.

They have a wide variety of luxury cars in this building and some are surprisingly affordable.  By the way, if you are looking for a home for one of these works of art, we have a special place to find Portland homes for cars.  It’s fun to just look anyway.

lake oswego ferrari



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