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2490 Summit Drive in Lake Oswego Just Closed

2490 sumit drBrian Olsen at Cooper Jacobs Real Estate in Lake Oswego sold a gorgeous one of the Lake Oswego waterfront homes located at 2490 Summit Drive.  It closed last week in escrow after being listed by another company for 212 (!!!) days.   The other company originally listed the waterfront home all the way back in August of 2014 for almost $2.6M and then finally reduced it down to $2.2M back in Feb of this year.  Brian was able to negotiate against the listing agent to get the final sales price down further all the way to $2,020,000.

(As a side note, If I had personally listed this gorgeous one of a kind Lake Oswego waterfront property, I would not have let it go for under $2,100,000)lake oswego waterfront homes

Despite this, I am happy that we were on the buyer’s end of it so that a Cooper Jacobs Realtor was able to get such a great deal for OUR client on a great Oswego Lake property!!!!!  Congrats Brian Olsen for being such a great negotiator! He is also fiercely defensive on listing prices, so call him if you want someone to represent YOU and YOUR best interest.

Brian Olsen 503-853-5506  or email Brian@CooperJacobsPDX.com

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